Original photographs   3D Ray traced 'Silba'   'Real-time' virtual model   Stretched 360° render   VR Steroescopic display


The development of Silba 360 VR
'Silba 360 VR'

- A virtual courtyard in which to immerse yourself.
- Rendered in full 360° and stereo vision.
- Complete with dynamic sky system.
- Suitable for viewing with Google cardboard.
- Rendered in '4K resolution' .
- Easy viewing via Youtube.

Silba 360° VR ('4k')

Relax within a virtual Croatian retreat, in full 360° vision.
Let the clouds roll by as the sun passes over head... 'One day in one minute'.
Developed from 'Silba' and suitable for use with Google Cardboard.

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*Special Thanks
How to watch (via smartphone)

1. OPEN IN YOUTUBE and Maximise to full screen.
2. Press the VR / icon.
3. Using Google Cardboard, look around and Enjoy
* No Google cardboard? Simply move your phone around you! ;-)